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June 22, 2014



Joined at the hip;

that solid pair.

Where you saw one,

you saw the other there.


Both coming together;

their love to share.

Two halves of a whole;

that solid pair.


If one put on a coat,

the other ready to go,

come rain or hail,

or six feet of snow!


No other love

did each other know.

That solid pair,

off to the Barley Mow.


When one was asked a question,

the other would reply,

and one would then agree,

with an accepting sigh.


They spoke as one;

that solid pair.

For the main part,

he left it up to her!


But it suited him,

by the nose, to be led;

to let go of the reins

so he could clear his head.


For at work, he tired

of being the boss,

with all it’s complications,

he was often cross.


 And was content

when at the close of day,

a relaxing role

he was, allowed to play.


But therein lay

the unseen trap;

the hidden catalyst,

the yawning gap,


which gradually had

somehow evolved,

hence the situation,

could not be resolved.


So he lived by the rules

always set by her,

becoming the flexible part

of that solid pair.


And not an easy task,

with time, she found,

when the buck stopped with her,

on solid ground.


For no future respite

was there, in an easy chair;

An endless, lifetime’s job;

the boss, of a solid pair! 











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