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April 10, 2020


Just love every moment

that time will allow,

until life nearly over

finds one facing the last bow.


And learn from mistakes

often made in haste,

when rushed off one’s feet

with no time to waste.


Reach for the impossible

if that be your choice.

But if it goes wrong

then heed your own voice.


Revive your spirits

with an inkling of an idea..

Remember great oaks,

from little acorns appear.


Place any burden of guilt

you still carry from an error,

into the hands of a higher power,

who can deal with your terror.


So you are able

to refresh your mind,

going forward with the knowledge

no open wounds left behind.


Help those less able

than you clearly are,

to fulfill their dreams,

and find their personal star.


Remember those loved ones

who sadly had to go,

with such a quick exit

no worse pain could one know.


But yet one survives

to this present day,

because the happiness they brought

will never fade away.


Open up your mind

explore every part,

so that each and every moment

remains in your heart.


Keep on making memories

as so many you’ll need,

when in repose

your own life book you read.


Discover extremes of life

from pure bliss to regrets,

as the monotonous day to day

the mind soon forgets.


(Regrets are so draining,

but after fingers burn,

the experience, character building,

and good lessons you’ll learn.


And when, as a reward,

pure bliss then comes along,

cherish every second –

it usually doesn’t stay long,


but sticks in the mind

overpowering regrets,

spurring you on to the next high

as your appetite it wets.)


So life is there to be lived,

how, is just up to you.

Stay true to yourself,

and you’ll always come through.


Nothing is impossible.

Everyone’s needs are unique.

The world is there to be discovered,

so go out and take a peek,


but not at the moment,

as that would be unwise.

For now, muse over your life story –

yourself, you’ll surprise.


As what lies undiscovered

or forgotten with age,

will soon come to the fore,

handing you the first page.


Always write from the heart,

as no-one knows better than you,

the ups and the downs

that you have lived through.


           Good Luck

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