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June 26, 2014



Today we played the guessing game,

of who was I, and who was he,

as we sat on a bench

drinking afternoon tea.


My name, you’d forgotten,

but with an easy smile,

you looked at me and said,

you’d known me a while!


You also readily acknowledged

that you did know he,

and knew him to be a part,

of your family tree.


We asked ‘who your father had married’,

and with your mind in full force,

you replied with astonishment;

‘why, my mother, of course!’


Your memory may be fading,

but your good humour, still there.

The smile on your face, priceless,

when a joke we all share.


Your husband, at your side,

you said, was that man,

but I’d thought him my husband,

when the day had began?


At least you knew we were yours,

and that was a plus.

There was still a connection;

at least you recognised us.


You then offered your hands

for each of us to hold;

 moments like that,

are worth more than gold.


We shared tangerine segments,

whilst still sat on the bench,

before saying ‘goodbye’,

which is always a wrench.


‘I’ll wave from the window’,

used to be your last line,

when life was so normal

and everything was fine.


We still wave through the window,

once you are back in your chair,

though we know you’ve forgotten,

that we were,        ever there!












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