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January 10, 2014



In the basin of the river

sails a very lonely swan,

who is looking for her partner,

as she doesn’t know where he’s gone.


He set off down the river after breakfast,

around five minutes to nine,

for an assignment near the ferry point,

and his mood, to her seemed fine.


He said he would return no later,

than probably half past eleven.

So by now she was getting worried,

as it was past the hour of seven.


The light was going from the day,

and dusk was growing nigh.

Her two cygnets now were anxious,

staying clingingly close by.


This has never happened before;

Could he be with the Canadian geese,

who have little sense of timing?

she wonders, as panic levels increase.


She looks down the river one last time,

before settling her cygnets for the night,

and finally sees her partner in the distance,

sailing towards her, by moonlight.


As he nears, it’s clear he’s accompanied,

by three coots they know quite well.

He’d better have a jolly good story,

otherwise she will give him hell.








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