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July 13, 2020



Some may think her a silly fool,

but she gave as good as she got.

His aggression she took as an outlet,

when with others, he was losing the plot.


She soaked up all his frustration,

as his world began to crash.

Standing steadfast by his side,

as his empire turned to ash.


In times of unbearable agony,

when life was full of despair.

She took the flack, and bathed his wounds,

and saw him through the nightmare.


What else can one do when a loved one,

without warning falls by the way.

Somehow an inner strength kicks in,

and the level – headed one saves the day.


Tied together in what one signs up to –

a partnership, a union – call it what you may.

With patience and trust and understanding,

tomorrow will be a brighter day.


and if love be the basis of everything,

sometimes, better to stay than just walk away. 


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