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February 4, 2013



After their memorable meal downtown,

Brubellgot hailed a taxi, and smiling,

gave his hands a rub.

He was taking Mendotta to meet his

friend, Hermanalfroyd, who played the

bongo’s in a Manhatton club.


Mendotta, whilst excited, was now

beginning to feel sleepy, not having

had time to recover from the flight,

and again in the club, had the weirdest

feeling, that someone had been shadowing

her, throughout the night.


The atmosphere was electric, and after

a second wind, Mendotta settled to

enjoy the fabulous show.

But sitting close by wearing dark shades

and a pork pie hat, was a guy with a face

she seemed to know!


Percoughalees, now scared his cover might be

blown, decided he’d be pushing his luck,  

if in the night spot he was to stay.

So thinking tomorrow he’d have an easier

chance to be alone with Mendotta,  

he decided to call it a day.


He knew Brubellgot to be Mendotta’s brother,

and whilst he cared for her, posed no intimate


And feeling the same about Hermanalfroyd, (the

bongo beater from New York’s jazz set) decided

he might win Mendotta’s heart yet.


Percoughalees left the club and jumped into a

taxi, which took him back to a small hotel,

nicely cited near 42nd street.

Then sitting patiently by his bedroom window,

saw Mendotta go through swing doors of the

hotel opposite, making his evening complete.




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