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September 14, 2012



Just when I thought I was moving on,

I felt you near to my bed.

I quickly looked up and saw nothing at all,

I thought I was going out of my head.


That night I went out and had my first date

With a guy who I’d met in the shop.

He’d lost his partner, just like me

So  emotions we were able to swap.


I came home thinking, ‘What was the point’

Of bothering to even go out.

I felt so guilty, it was all too soon.

He was as depressed as me, without doubt.


Weeks went by and he hadn’t phoned,

Which did me some good in a way.

As I’d made up my mind to say ‘No thanks’

Had he rung me the very next day.


Then out of the blue I got a call

Which started to make my heart flutter.

He was in a bad way and needed a chat

He said, with a bit of a stutter.


So I went, and I listened with a sympathetic ear.

And saw he wasn’t feeling too good.

But I came home thinking how nice he was

And told him to ring me whenever he could


Well that was the start and we slowly progressed

And climbed out of the pit we were in.

We both had baggage and heartache untold

And nerves that were paper thin.


Now we are married and doing okay

And supporting each other day by day.

It hasn’t been easy, sometimes two steps back

Just as one step was going our way.


But we’re keeping focused and positive together

And come rain or shine, we’ll get through.

Life has to go on, we have no choice

Though I still often think about you.












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