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January 4, 2014



Upstairs, just along the corridor,

and second door on the right,

is a room no one is allowed to enter,

and has never seen any daylight.


Although there is a sash window,

and nets hang, more grey now than white,

it is blocked out by internal oak shutters,

padlocked, and causing a shivery fright.


From the ceiling flow sheets of spiders webs,

which have connected themselves to each wall,

in a decorative pattern, somewhat sinister,

seen through the crack in the door, from the hall.


A once palatial mahogany chase long,

resides under the window sill,

still covered in threadbare green velvet;

an heirloom from old Sanctus Mill.


A foreboding black, cast iron fireplace,

is the focal point of the room.

Two mortified mice lie in the grate,

completing this picture of gloom.


The door nevertheless intriguing;

through the crack, we’ve spied by torchlight

since children, along with visiting cousins,

and school friends, who stayed overnight.


What happened in here remains a mystery,

as no-one, courage, has managed to pluck,

and enter the room, just in case doing so,

brings them, a lifetime of unwanted bad luck.








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