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October 27, 2013



Although travellers find a haven

that suits them after a while,

in their head is mother country

tracking every wayward mile.


Then, when for family gatherings,

(be it happy times or sad)

they return once more to where,

they played as lass and lad.


And passing places of their childhood,

eyes catch many a tempting ‘for sale’ sign,

near to where ancestors lived,

up the rocky road incline.


They join friends and extended families

all getting on with their life,

and visit the chapel where Gran attended-

she was a perfect kind of wife.


Later, they wonder for a moment,

even hesitate and sigh,

before jumping back onto the highway

after another heartfelt goodbye.


Yet, though their heartstrings pull

with such magnetic force,

their heads say ‘keep on going,

and future plans endorse’.


They were bombarded with advice,

and certainly all of it, well meant,

but it only added to their confusion-

God bless those with good intent.


Many see it as unfaithfulness

to desert original roots,

but an adventurer of life,

will wear many pairs of boots.


Those who’d never had the wanderlust

begged of sense and asked why remain

in a place that has few ties – 

and no reason, was there to explain!


Others warned ‘You are well rid –

you’d be fools to come back here,

there’s so much violence now’.

As if there’s none, where they are near!


So to voluntary exile,

they eventually arrived back,

to a place long since adopted

where the odds just seem to stack.


But as the distance became greater

with every travelled mile,

a part of their heart faced homeward,

making them unsettled for a while.













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