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June 15, 2014



In times of desperation

she would say ‘Oh help me, mother’.

And now we echo her words,

when we cannot turn to one another.


The line repeated many times,

when she couldn’t control her devils,

but all too late we realise,

she was right on many levels.


Then arrived the fateful day

when the angels of guidance came,

and laid her burdens to rest,

and softly called her name.


And the words, ‘Oh forgive us, mother’,

now forever, on our lips,

as we discover for ourselves,

life’s journey full of old guilt trips.


She was pressured to see her mother

almost each and every day,

never understanding the next generation,

who without choice, had to stay away!


This cyber world we live in

where cross contamination overlaps,

ensures we stay in touch,

without the need for old road maps.


And hugs and kisses, so essential,

in the days of mother dear,

seem to have now become redundant

in this robotic world of fear.





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