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March 28, 2012


Remember when times were exciting

With no responsibilities to dwell upon?

And the only thing that seemed important

Was whether the sun came out and shone.


Remember feeling so very carefree?

When time was really our own.

No hassle, no rush, no commitment.

No, not even a mobile phone.


Remember when things really mattered?

And somehow people always had time.

When folks left their front doors open,

Without any fear of crime.


Remember those long gone days?

When people weren’t in search of power

And time just used to tick by

Gently, hour by hour.


Remember when life was so simple?

When selfishness and greed were rare.

When people looked after each other,

And were always willing to share.


Remember, remember, remember.

For those times are a far off planet

That has long since, sadly, uprooted.

And left us forever, damn it !



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