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August 11, 2012



She awoke one morning

and suddenly took it into her head

that after a lifetime pining for him,

he probably now was dead.


No-one could change her thinking,

nor could they make her stay.

As she set off on her journey

they watched her life drain away.


Her whole life wasted just hoping,

that someday he would return.

What a price to pay for love,

now that all the bridges burn.


And what, if when in heaven,

god forbid, he isn’t there?

And she booked a one-way ticket,

out of love-sick despair.


And what if all the time,

he was watching from close by,

and just around a nearby corner;

himself, a love-sick spy.


What fools, deserving of each other,

if ever two fools where,

to spend a lifetime apart,

when they could have been a pair.



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