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December 16, 2013



A friend as old

as time receded.

In the background,

but there when needed.


A friend, who knows you

better than you.

A sounding board,

an opposing view.


Who leaves you with

an alternative plan,

so delicately put,

as gentle as they can,


but smart enough

to sit in your brain,

making sense of that,

which you do complain.


A friend to calm

and pacify.

Making less your madness

and justify.


A friend brave enough

to say you’re wrong,

after listening to

your tale so long.


A friend to back off

when not needed.

To give you space

with new ideas seeded.


A friend, a pillar

of your life.

A building block,

in times of strife.


A friend, a bloody

nuisance too,

when old stubborn you,

can’t see their point of view.





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  1. this is so true:-)

    Comment by Richard — December 17, 2013 @ 8:02 pm

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