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April 28, 2013



Raunchy Roxy, giving it some welly

on saturday night in front of the telly.

Dancing naked, apart from her beads

which she expertly manoeuvres as

her hungry man pleads.

She prances left and right – and the beads

flying over her shoulder, as excitement

starts to build, and she feels a little bolder.

‘Come and get me, big boy’ she exclaims

with wild desire, as her beads go whizzing

passed him – her hungry eyes on fire.

‘That vodka and coke was worth every dime’

her man thinks as he watches

Roxys body, on him climb.

The beads create the mood as she caresses

him with pleasure.  ‘Oh bloody hell’ he thinks –

to the occasion can he measure?

He really doesn’t stand a chance,

her beads just drive her wild.  Maybe they

were a fetish, she had when once a child?

Next day the beads have vanished, they

are safely tucked away, and her man crawls

from the sheets – he’s lived to see another day.

He smiles throughout the week, he really

loves his beaded lover, though he worries

it takes so long,  from the ordeal, to recover!




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