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August 24, 2013



In a world where wisdom

came, alas, too late,

leaving blatant mistakes

theirs alone to contemplate.


And when lost leaders,

were never worth the wait,

and last minute changes,

only came to grate.


And when given the chance,

the opportunity wasn’t hatched,

as too much self bravado,

greedily, ego snatched.


With no Plan B in place

in case disaster struck,

in the end it all came down

to purely gamblers luck.


The dice were so unkind

and yes, also unfair.

In the game of self promotion-

you get nothing for a pair.


And now the journey over,

and so futile though it seems,

for at the time, the madness,

caused blindness in extreme.


Most onlookers departed,

each shaking a doubting head,

in united disagreement,

and then, in silence fled.


And in the end, exhilarated,

the devil took control,

as his victims lay defeated

and agony took it’s toll.



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