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March 16, 2012


I take eight tablets, if I remember

Every single day.

I spread them on the worktop,

In colourful array.


I take a water tablet

To flush my kidneys out

Then I take a bigger white pill

To ease the pain I get with gout.


The next one contains rat poison,

I tell you not a lie,

But this, they say, is essential.

Without it I would die .


Now make some sense of that

And make the answer quick

In case I get St Vitas Dance

And my legs start to kick.


Next I take a capsule,

Which is a lovely brownish red

I think it helps my arthritis

Or the pain that’s in my head


Into a glass of water

An aspirin next I drop

Sometimes I put the wrong one in

And watch it float on top.


That’s when, in total confusion

I have to walk away.

I put them in the cupboard

And hope I last the day


 I save two pills for after

I’ve had my piece of toast.

But my husband sometimes takes them

So him, I have to roast.


I’m not sure how they affect him.

But a change is as good as a rest

I’ve hidden his Viagra

As I think it’s for the best.



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