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May 7, 2015



And of the ones he

thought who might,

he found Delphinia

a total delight!


She tapped into,

his inner senses.

They experimented with

unknown consequences.


And of the ones he

thought who might,

his gut feeling was

to prove him right.


By dawn Delphinia

was on her way.

No questions asked

at close of play.


But how small the world

with the travelling elite;

she found Mendotta to be sat

in the very next seat.


(They had once attended

the same ‘Finishing School’,

in Switzerland,

where the air is cool.)


And she passed on to Mendotta,

the number of a guy,

who she nicknamed ‘Perry’,

who she suggested, she try.


Astonished, Mendotta

accepted with grace;

at the same time feeling

a flush to her face!


Later, the ladies ‘air kissed’

and went separate ways.

How temptation, tantalisingly,

with the mind, stays!






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