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August 11, 2014



It seems that birds

throughout the land,

had been touched by

Percoughalees’s guiding hand.


Each one willing

and of their own volition,

had all bought into,

his secret mission.


His stay never long,

for with the rising sun,

he felt the need,

to then move on.


And all the birds

called out his name;

‘Oh Percoughalees’,

they did proclaim,


in echoing tweets

of contrasting notes.

It seems each one,

he had their vote.


They knew him well;

he’d travelled far.

Many lives he’d lived,

under many a star.


But always, at the

back of his mind,

was his one true love,

he’d left behind.


And though still grieving,

from the loss,

he felt someday again

their paths would cross.


The unrequited love

that he still yearned,

for dear Mendotta,

in his soul now burned.


And all the birds

that had acquiesced,

and flown into

his temporary nest,


to give him solace

in times of need,

were just a quick fix

to stem the bleed.


And with lack of sleep

through restless nights,

Mendotta was clearly

back in his sights.


And with the new sun

high in the sky,

he knew his love for her

would never die.


Now the time was right

to continue his search,

leaving high and dry,

other birds on their perch.


Those casual callers

and fly-by-nights,

who said they wouldn’t,

but he knew they might,


didn’t mean a thing

at the break of day,

for it was towards Mendotta,

that his heart did sway.


And with this in mind

on his morning stroll,

his heart skipped a beat;

he was on a roll.


He now knew for certain

where his priorities lay.

He would search every cove

and each sandy bay,


in a last ditch attempt

to realise his dream,

and make Mendotta

his Queen supreme.





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