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February 19, 2013



Percoughalees was awakened

by a tapping on the door, and

diving out of bed, skidded, on

a stray sock lying on the floor.


In pain, he screeched out loudly, as

his foot twisted, before hitting the wall,

whereupon the chambermaid entered,

then quickly made an emergency call.


‘Your ankle, it needs attention’,

she said, with a voice so charmed.

‘The medics will be here presently,

so please don’t be alarmed’.


Percoughalees was feeling furious,

more with himself, for oversleeping,

but he knew his foot was broken, and

today’s plans, he wouldn’t be keeping.


He felt sure Mendotta, after breakfast,

would have strolled through Central Park,

before checking out of her hotel, even

though her flight was not until after dark.


Percoughalees needed to be at the airport

before Mendotta took to the sky, to

be certain she was on board Brubellgot’s

flight, heading towards Uruguay.


‘Could this be divine intervention, for

thumping Unkonkey in St Mark’s Square’,

he thought, as he travelled downtown,

in such agony, he felt he might swear. 




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