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January 15, 2013


Mendotta ordered Unkonkey a brandy,

then sat him down in a vacant chair,

in the hope he would regain composure,

before leaving the now, vibrant Square.


The return to his ship was imminent,

and Mendotta was going through hell,

as she couldn’t  help wondering if

Percoughalees, would be waiting at her hotel?


When she looked up to speak to Unkonkey,

she saw his right eye had started to swell,

and asked the waiter for an ice pack,

just as Unkonkey, off his chair, fell.


He hit the ground with a mighty thud,

knocking himself out cold. Mendotta was

never more pleased to see Percoughalees,

as towards them, he nonchalantly strolled.


He calmly placed Unkonkey in the recovery

position, then on his back to massage his heart.

Unkonkey responded almost immediately,

letting out an unexpected fart.


With Onkonkey safely on their trolley, the

water-ambulance men set off back to his ship.

Percoughalees, was now alone with Mendotta,

who angrily gave his ear a clip.


‘Your actions today were ridiculous’ said

Mendotta, with her hands on her hips.

‘You could have killed my darling Unkonkey.

‘Of your insanity, Percoughalees – get a grip’.




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