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February 1, 2015



I caught his eye,

his tail wagged to and fro,

and boredom from

his mind did go.


The connection just

the bond he needed,

when tethered to a table

feeling so impeded.


He’d sat and stood,

and lay and rolled.

God, he was bored;

his face a story told.


All he yearned for

was a lengthy walk,

but all they did,

was sit and talk,


and talk and talk,

and rant and rave,

about sod all,

just her and Mave.


With him not being

a ‘working dog’,

each day to him

was just groundhog.


Just then he saw,

his mistress stand,

but not a glove did she

put on her hand,


instead she trotted

off to the bar,

to order desserts,

after adjusting her bra.


In disbelief, the dog

slumped back to the floor,

and licked his balls,

til they were sore.





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