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February 8, 2015



When ‘California Dreamin’

was at it’s height,

and ‘Monday, Monday’

set the week alight,


We drove to work

with spirits high.

No ‘lack-lustre’ feeling;

no ‘weekend’s over’ sigh.


When Procol Harem’s

‘Whiter shade of pale’,

rang out from the radio,

as we drove through the hail.


Our joy never dampened,

for we thought this way:

The weather never stopped Otis,

‘Sitting on the dock of the bay’.


When out on audit,

it depended who,

was in the car, that day,

to what, we listened to.


The ravers in the rear seats,

loving Pigmeat’s, ‘I am the Judge’,

whilst the front seat stalwarts,

from Engelbert, wouldn’t budge.


Their views fuddy-duddy,

but their choice, to select:

Aretha, not the only one,

shouting ‘Respect’.


So the volume turned high,

for ‘Up, up and away’,

by the Johnny Mann singers….

Hip hip hurrah, they would say?


But that was short lived,

and soon the volume back down,

when Smokey jumped in,

with ‘The tears of a clown’.


And then, at day’s end,

back on the motorway:

The Moody Blue’s, ‘Go Now’,

setting us on our way.


….to be continued.  






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