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May 17, 2014



When Billy sat beneath your pram

by the waters edge, where cygnets swam.

No better sight was there to view,

than the closeness felt by he and you.


And when you started to toddle,

he followed your every stride;

a trusted, loyal companion

and ever watchful guide.


Until the inevitable day, that

we walked you off to class.

A sorry mess we were,

when we returned home, alas!


But what happiness we felt

when it was half past three;

we shared many lows and highs,

did our Billy and me.


Then old age came along,

and took our lovely boy,

who’d been our bond of strength

and constant family joy.


And then Uni finally beckoned

and you were on your way,

as I sat with Billy, reflecting,

under the tree where now he lay!




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