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March 15, 2021



and buttercups in the meadow knew,

that you need me and I need you.


and honey bees, who saw us coming,

filled with joy and started humming.


and swans with cygnets formed a flotilla,

when we arrived to give them dinner.


and hungry gulls with a deafening sound,

dive bombed the party, and came to ground.


and canadian geese picked up the scraps,

along with ducks – such cheeky chaps.


and pigeons too, from far and wide,

gathered by the waterside.


and all too soon, the food was gone,

and the late – comers, just looked on.


‘that’s it kids, no more today’,

I say, with sadness, turning away.


‘next time, I promise to bring more’,

with deep sincerity, I implore.


as buttercups in the meadow view,

us coming back, with hands held true.


and honey bees who saw us coming,

no longer there – no sound of humming.


written by Harriet Blackbury


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