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December 11, 2014



Her job having plenty

of lows and highs;

like an escape of gas

coming as a surprise,

as she lifted old Sam’s leg

for the very last time,

thinking how grand he had been,

when once in his prime!


And the baby’s arrival

when long overdue,

was a joy to behold

and a miracle true.

She laid them out

and brought them in:

The dead and the living

both as clean as a pin.


The village folks called her

‘The Hatcher and Dispatcher’.

The dead she didn’t fear

for they could no longer catch her.

and the newly born’s she placed

at a waiting breast,

in the hope mother nature

would do the rest.


No better vocation

for this willing lass.

She’d brought in so many

and laid plenty to grass.

But whether in-comers or out-goers

on her they could depend.

Both in life and in death,

she was always their friend.



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