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July 27, 2012



Hiya, Sweetie, thanks for the note,

as usual, hand delivered!

You took the time to go outside,

when most of England shivered.


I got to thinking, that’s it’s been some time

since my poetic mind awoke!

We’ve been running hither and thither,

and inundated with folk.


Now that can be a blessing,

as I’m sure you know that’s true!

But in this crazy, madcap world,

there’s no time for what we want to do!


Everyone’s so heavily committed,

to trying to make a buck.

But after working flat out,

the rest is down to luck.


So at times when we go missing,

or retreat to staying in bed.

It’s simply because we’re knackered,

that word just popped into my head!


The luncheon was quite splendid,

and the ladies found you charming.

But when one asked you if you drove,

I did find that alarming.


Was she looking for a set of wheels,

to ferry her about?

She doesn’t know you’re 90,

of that, I have no doubt.


The speaker was very human

And in good ‘nick’ for his age.

His wife is nineteen years younger,

but to go into that – I’d need another page!




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