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November 8, 2013



Oh sweet Arabella, make of me what you will.

Your opinion counts, your voice gives me a thrill.

When you turn away, I can feel the chill.

So sweet Arabella, my dearest wish please fulfil.



Take pity on this boy, for dear mercy’s sake.

Sweet Arabella, I beg you, give me a break.

I toss and turn and stay wide awake,

until dawn rises, and finds me with heartache.



Sweet Arabella, don’t put me through the mill.

I can’t give you diamonds, nor dress you to kill.

but we could live in a cottage, up on the hill.

Say you’ll pledge me your love, forever, until….



So sweet Arabella, it’s as much as I can stand.

The choice is one that only you can command.

If you are not there tomorrow, sat by the lake,

I’ll know you’ve chosen, that handsome boy Jake.



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