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May 14, 2012



Go away, you are much too young for me,

You’re asking for trouble, so best leave things be.

It’s fun to flirt, until someone gets hurt

So please, just go away from me.


I know older women you find more appealing,

You say they make love with a lot more feeling.

I know you’re passionate, I’ve heard you talk

But for your sake now – little boy –just walk!


I felt it the first time I held your hand,

That sexual attraction, that nobody planned.

So I’m begging you to just leave through that door,

As I’m finding this feeling so hard to ignore!


Please go now, you’re just too much to resist,

I’ve known it ever since the first time we kissed.

But if in your mind you’re really quite certain,

Then you go upstairs, whilst I draw the curtain….





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