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June 2, 2015



A moment to reflect on,

was Kool and the Gang with ‘Cherish’

The reason for the night being;

not to let these children perish.


After her ‘Holiday’ Madonna,

got back ‘into the groove’.

‘Love makes the world go round’,

once more, she sure did prove.


Eric played everyone’s favourite, ‘Layla’,

to rapturous, heartfelt applause.

After beginning with his ‘White Room’;

never more apt than for this cause.


From a ‘stairway to heaven’,

Phil joined Plant, Jones, & Page.

With a ‘whole lotta love’ on show,

the night had come of age.


The great Tina Turner at her best,

joined Mick; a message, strong to tell.

The Thompson Twins with ‘Hold me now’,

as ever, went down well.


Every ‘American Girl’, loves Tom Petty,

as well as ‘Rebel’s’ throughout the land.

Each one found it worth ‘the waiting’,

and in appreciation, raised a hand.


We all need a ‘Sugar mountain’,

when feeling ‘Helpless’, and out of touch.

Neil Young taught us ‘Nothing is perfect’,

and we said, thank you very much.


We all know a ‘Heartbreak City’,

with memories, we care not to revive.

But easing us back into the zone,

along came The Cars, with ‘Drive’.


Then needing a bit of vitality,

when heavy-booted with life’s slog,

along came Kenny with ‘Foot-loose’,

to rid us of that ground-day hog!


Never finding it ‘Lonely at the Top’,

the fittest guy, on stage did swagger.

We ‘miss you’, like you miss us too,

when you go to ground, Mick Jagger.


 ‘A view to a kill’ and then ‘The reflex’,

sang Duran Duran with Simon le Bon,

finishing aptly with  ‘Save A Prayer’

now the night was all but gone.


Bob Dylan with Keith and Ronnie,

saw an audience who grinned:

Two rolling stones he’d found,

when he was blowing in the wind.


Each artist performed for love,

and by determination, was led.

Their message loud and clear:

That all children of the world – be fed.














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