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March 29, 2013



Mendotta met up with her sister, Estollina,

who was waiting in the Arrivals Hall.

They were then joined by brother, Brubellgot, 

who had a ‘stop over’ before flying to Montreal.


Estollina was staying in Uruguay with husband

Arthrumdan, a civil engineer of renown.

He had a year long assignment, to construct

a bridge in Montevideo town.


It was rare for the three siblings to be together,

so time was precious- every minute did count.

And Estollina had noticed a guy in a wheelchair,

who was hanging around and freaking her out.


‘Let’s quickly move to the car I have waiting’

Estollina said, urging them towards the lift door.

‘That guy in the chair seemed besotted with you’

she said to Mendotta, when on the ground floor.


Mendotta was stunned at her sister’s comments, 

and thinking how perceptive she had been, said

‘Its odd you should say that dearest Estollina, as

onboard he looked like he didn’t want to be seen’


‘He spent most of the flight under a blanket, only

ever showing his eyes to the cabin crew and me,

and yet I had the strangest feeling I knew him, 

and thought it weird, he never went for a wee’.


‘He kept that same hat on throughout the flight,

that’s how I knew who you meant, now it’s clear.

‘I didn’t realise he needed medical assistance’……

Brubellgot cut in with  ‘God, I need a cold beer!’


His sisters, only back together five minutes,

had already become agents for the CIA.

And with Arthrumdan still to meet up with –

this was going to be one hell of a very long day.



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