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February 26, 2012


I saw a cat with bright green eyes

Down at the Rescue today

He looked at me and said ‘Take me home’

Would I just – if I had my own way!


I saw a lovely Tabby Mum

With her two sons – Fluffy and Felix

They tore at my heart, but I already have four!

And with them – they would just never mix


I saw other cats trotting here and there-

Going about their daily routine

The feeling down there is beyond compare-

It’s the best place I’ve ever been!


I’ve been to Paris and London too

And I’ve drank Champagne on a boat

But a visit to the Cat Rescue –

Always brings a lump to my throat.


There’s something down there- SO tranquil and still

Simply something that money can’t buy

I could bring them ALL home, but my Husband said NO!

Ah Well!  –  It was still worth a try!


Some cats are majestic, others are bold

And some they just know how to charm.

All cats are wise and give out so much love

Just one stroke brings so much inner calm


If you feel you could sponsor a lonely cat

That’s been abandoned, or simply is lost!

It’s the most worthwhile thing that you ever could do

-No matter how little the cost.


These creatures are mystical – We need them around

To make sense of this crazy old planet

It can’t hurt to love them and give them a home

Well really – I ask you – Can it?


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