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December 3, 2013



Oh little Pipit

with fractured wing,

unable to fly, what

heartbreak you bring.


Sitting weakly chirping

inside your nest.

You cannot move,

though you try your best.


Now help is here-

your lucky day.

Your wing soon fixed,

you’ll be on your way.


To warmer climes,

over land and sea.

You’ll travel on,

and glide with glee.


Just when you thought

no help in sight,

your call was heard,

I saw your plight.


And now whole again,

as if brand new,

a new horizon,

can you pursue.


But little Pipit,

just this I ask.

‘When at your destination,

in sun you bask’,


‘That when the season

begins changing there,

you’ll think of me,

and take to the air.


It would be your choice,

you have the right,

but what joy you’d bring,

if you thought you might.


Return to where

a welcome awaits

with crumbs aplenty

supplied by mates.


Who helped you in

your time of need,

when you were unable

yourself to feed.


That you must go,

is nature’s way,

but I pray you do

return some day.



























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