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April 9, 2014



He says he is staying neutral.

He is sitting on the fence.

He wants to remain diplomatic,

by not causing any offence.


He is absolutely in agreement.

He thinks you both are right.

Through gritted teeth he is smiling,

with both thumbs raised in delight.


He can clearly see your points of view;

both of which, he says, have some merit.

Though he’d gladly bang your heads together,

and at times, both of you disinherit.


He is in a ‘no win’ situation;

In truth he couldn’t give a toss.

He doesn’t want to be implicated

in case your problems become his loss.


So he puts on that nervous smile,

each time he asks to be excused.

He just wants out of the situation

as he’s feeling quite bemused.


He knows he’d become a cropper

if only one of you he could please.

So silence being his saviour

no answer from him, will you squeeze.




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