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March 17, 2020





In 87, ‘House Arrest’, on Club,

for Krush, reached No.3.

And in 99, ‘Prisoner’, peaked at No.73,

for All Blue, on Wea.


In 72, Vicky Leandros, made the Top 2,

on Philips, with ‘Come What May’.

And in 09, ‘Behind Closed Doors’, on Conehead,

was a Top 4 for Peter Andre.


In 65, ‘Come Tomorrow’, reached the Top 4,

for Manfred Mann, on HMV.

And in 82, ‘Inside Out’, on RCA,

gave Odyssey, a Top 3.


In 85, ‘Contagious’, reached  No.56,

for The Whispers, on MCA.

And in 97, ‘In My Bed’, peaked a No.16,

for Dru Hill, on Fourth & Broadway.


In 71, ‘Inside Looking Out’, on Capitol,

gave Grand Funk Railroad, a Top 40 view.

And in 86, Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald, on MCA,

took ‘On My Own’, to a US No.1 & UK Top 2.


In 79, ‘Contact’, on 20th Century,

saw Edwin Starr, at No.6 thrive.

And in 2002, ‘Infected’, on Positiva,

for Barthezz, peaked at No.25.


In 85, ‘I Sleep Alone At Night’, on A & M,

for Jim Diamond, was a No.72 ask.

And in 87, Eric Clapton, climbed to No.15,

on Duck, with ‘Behind The Mask’.


In 91, ‘Come Inside’, on Warner Brothers,

for The Thompson Twins, a No.56.

And in 95, ‘In The House’, on Media,

for Clock, a No.23, ending this mix.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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