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January 29, 2014



It’s hard for me to speak,

just as it is for you.

I nurse your heartache

and feel so helpless too.


No pearls of wisdom

ever seem right,

at this sorry time

of unforeseen plight.


No words of sorrow

can I at this point convey,

without a lump in my throat,

though, for Merlin, I pray.


Your hurt runs deep,

your suffering is raw.

No more can you stroke

his soft, gentle paw.


So alive was he,

and then within a week,

he rendered us all,

unable to speak.


And although you know

you must carry on,

and love those still needy,

left behind, now he is gone..


And though your heart is huge,

and there’s a special place,

where Merlin lives on forever,

as his memory you embrace.


And in time when your pain

will be easier to bear,

as you sense his presence,

near to his favourite chair.


 And just like all the others

who have gone before,

you’ll feel enriched by the knowledge,

he’s laid to rest near your door.


But all this doesn’t help you now,

for your tears refuse to dry,

and even when mourning’s complete,

you’ll still ask the question ‘Why’?


Merlin didn’t deserve his end,

he’d been full of life at seven,

But God needed him by his side,

so took his soul up to heaven.




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