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July 31, 2012



I’m bottom of the pile at our house,
way down on the ‘pecking’ list.
When the ‘soaps’ come on, I take the dog out,
and I’m very rarely missed.

I walk in through the door unnoticed
wanting comfort after a hard days grind.
And pass my wife going to her fitness class
saying ‘There’s beans on toast, do you mind?’

The cat is a source of comfort
and seems able to read my mind.
But then I realise he just wants feeding.
Life can be such a bind!

There’s music screaming from three bedrooms,
and I can’t even get into a loo.
So I clear off to the pub once more
Well really, what else can I do?

‘Has your Dad gone out again?’ my wife asks,
when she eventually comes back in.
But her question is never answered.
She can’t be heard over all the din.

So she settles down to watch a late film,
and I return saying ‘I’m off to bed’
I daren’t try to have a conversation
If I disturbed her, she’d take off my head!





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