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November 1, 2015



I lived with your heartache,

witnessing your every hidden tear.

Imagine how I felt when you told me,

that but for me, you wouldn’t be here?


I saw you distraught

and half out of your mind,

juggling with past demons

that wartime love left behind.


I saw you courageous

and putting on a show

worthy of an ‘Oscar’,

whilst thinking, ‘Why did I let him go?’


I felt part of a conspiracy,

not of my own doing,

and unable to get help, turned to

a lifetime of nail chewing.


Then good times would appear,

( I prayed him gone from your inner sight)

and the real trio we were part of,

at last, seemingly happy and bright.


But the pattern always the same,

as your temporary highs became lows.

The choice you made not the right one?

Something God alone only knows.


And so the years went by,

until I finally left,

hoping you two might get closer,

but you felt even more bereft.


Now I was far away,

but never guilt free,

as knowing you weren’t coping

was still getting to me.


By now your wartime love,

you had decided, must be DEAD!

And the urge, to live near me,

just wouldn’t leave your head.


So after pressure, I surrendered;

your idea having merit I could see,

and the most satisfactory conclusion,

I had to agree, that there could be.


And so we happily co-existed,

though your new life a far cry,

from familiar friends and faces, that with

heavy heart, you’d both waved goodbye.


But the shadow hanging over you

now gone, so life worth another try:

One totally oblivious, One no longer living a lie,

and the One they created – the glue in the pie!









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