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April 19, 2013



The headline news on monday,

filled everyone with dread.

It revealed we’d outlive our children,

because they’ve all been over fed.


On Tuesday, they reversed this fact,

saying children would now reach a ton,

which put the smile back on our face,

and another crisis was won.


On Wednesday the news was dire again.

‘One in five children would be an alcoholic

by the time they reached fifteen because,

we’ve set them free to frolic?’


On Thursday devastation came,

in the form of a bolt from the blue.

They said ‘Don’t save for retirement,

because you’ll all be dead by fifty two’.


By Friday we were worried sick,

and banned the ‘switching on’ of the TV.

We decided to withdraw our savings,

and go on a final spending spree.


By Saturday, we were almost broke,

not but a cent did we have to our name,

as we’d booked a last fabulous holiday,

for the next day, to escape all the pain.


By Sunday, we were  set to go,

‘sodding them all’ and doing what we like,

until, on the radio, we heard the news,

that airport workers had all gone on strike!









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