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March 12, 2012

I just can’t seem to get on today 

I just can’t get ahead.

I’m still sorting yesterday’s queries

And promising leads that now seem dead.


I just can’t raise my energy level.

My morale, It is very low

Where’s that boost of adrenaline gone?

I had it last week, I know.


Our monthly figures are way out,

There must be a hidden agenda!

My secretary’s gone on her holiday

And left me a ‘temp’ called Brenda


She doesn’t know how I operate

And she makes really lousy tea.

And she has an annoying giggle

That is really getting to me


The children are driving my wife mad,

They are on their school holiday.

On top of which my In-laws have come

And are here for a fortnights stay!


I think that I’m losing my marbles.

Roll on autumn for goodness sake.

When we all can get back to normality

After the summer break.

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