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February 10, 2013



‘It was nice to see you all

on Sunday.

It was good of you to travel

across to see us when you spend

all week on the roads as it is.

We understand that, and are

grateful to you for taking us out

for that expensive lunch, but quite

honestly we would have been far

happier if you’d mowed our lawns

and done some odd jobs around

the house that we now find too

difficult to tackle.

I know you’ve said you’ll pay if we

get a gardener or odd job man, but

we like to be private and keep

ourselves to ourselves.

I hope you don’t mind me saying

this? Your Mother says I should

keep my big mouth shut and just

be glad you come at all.

I have to say that it’s silly for you

to waste all that money on food

we can’t eat though. They put so

much on your plate these days and

we’re not used to all that fancy food

anyway. We would much rather eat

home-made shepherds pie and trifle;

proper food, like you were all

brought up on’ .……….



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