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March 20, 2012


I heard tell,  just the other day

A story which no-one believes

It was about elves and goblins

Who live amongst  the nettle leaves.


They stay there because they feel protected

 From the hazards of the countryside

 And at nightime they are joined by the fairies

 Who pop in to chat and use the leaves as a slide.


They sometimes get a visit from a young rabbit

 Who’s got lost going back to his warren

 As he tries to escape the farmyard dog

 Named McTavish, as he has a white sporran.


I don’t think I can tell you the story

It was told to me in strict confidence

By a goblin’s second cousin, once removed

Who lives on the other side of the fence.


The story caused much hilarity

Though it seemed too far fetched to me

 But the sight of them falling over with mirth

 Even had the pixies laughing with glee.



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