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April 30, 2015



Rap out the beat,

and make it rhyme.

Suck on a lemon,

suck on a lime.


In eagerness,

up a gum tree climb,

waiting for Big Ben

about to chime.


Rap out the beat

for Tony’s Time Machine.

Suck on an orange,

suck on a nectarine.


Rap out the beat

as soul and rock combine.

Suck on a watermelon,

in the bright sunshine.


Rap out the beat;

give it all you’ve got.

Suck on a peach,

suck on an apricot.


Rap out the beat,

as if in a hurry.

Suck on an apple,

suck on a sweet strawberry.


Rap out the beat;

forever is manyana.

Suck on a grape,

suck on a ripe banana.


Rap out the beat;

get high, get merry.

Suck on a coconut,

suck on a lush black cherry.


This live show a must;

let music set the scene,

with repeats all week,

most days in between.


Relax for two hours;

switch off that TV screen:

It calms a dental surgery

far better, than a magazine.


So rap out the beat;

just make sure you’re there,

Suck on a passion fruit,

suck on a conference pear.









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