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September 6, 2014


That man of words;

heart ruled by head,

who she, he beckoned,

to his bed,


in heady times

of miss-spent youth.

In wilderness days

of outspoken truth.


That man of words

with needy passion,

who she dallied with

in outrageous fashion.


And who in urgency,

showed no shame;

a Degree had he

in the ‘mating ‘game.


That man of words

with spirit reeling;

strong memories still,

inhibit the healing.


Who in answer to

another cuckoo’s call,

once more did conquer,

though from grace did fall.


That man of words,

who from Byron quoted,

cast her aside

when to another, devoted.


But, in all honesty,

if truth be shared;

it was only ever for

himself, he cared.


 That man of words,

who deemed himself a bard,

with a restless nature,

and who had scant regard,


for the debris left

as amour turned to ashes;

and who was later exiled,

and given fifty lashes.


That man of words;

a ‘one off’ or not?

Only time will tell,

for that rebellious swot.


But wise advice,

as daylight starts to fade;

best stay indoors,

or be afraid!


That man of words;

back on the prowl!

A tale or two, could tell,

that ever watchful owl,


who quietly sits,

absorbing all;

and the first to know,

who’s out on the crawl.


That man of words,

heard beyond the grave,

lives on amongst us

in menace, to misbehave.


And as the owl hoots,

to acknowledge his arrival,

heads are shook in wonder,

at his survival.


That man of words

oft found lying down,

now back in force

to regain his crown,


and moving nearer,

with his whispered curses;

lest we should forget

the heartache, he still nurses.


That man of words, who

through promiscuity reigned,

(capturing imagination;

an outlet, for those pained),


will not lay rested

as the owl knows so well;

for he too, gets ‘day release’,

from his own personal hell.


That man of words

who feathered his nest;

then gave back to the world,

it all, in his final bequest,


will not be acknowledged,

until the seedlings grow,

and future generations,

his work, all come to know.



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