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October 1, 2016



In 67,  ‘See Emily Play’ at Number 6

after ‘Arnold Layne’ came from Pink Floyd.

And twelve years later in 79, their No.1 hit

‘Another Brick In The Wall’, we all so enjoyed.


In 78, Elvis Costello had a hit with –

‘(I Don’t Wanna go to ) Chelsea’

and in 82, in the Top 30 were The Cure,

singing about  – ‘A Letter To Elsie’.


In 67, Mamas & The Papas sang ‘Words Of Love’,

and In 02, with ‘Word Love’, Rhianna had her say.

Not in agreement, in 06, was Richard Ashcroft,

suggesting ‘Words Just Get In The Way’.


At Number 5 in 73 was Roger Daltrey,

with his solo hit ‘Giving it all away’

and Chaka Demur & Pliers, with ‘Twist and Shout’

20 years later, up to Number 1 – made their way.


In 94, this Jamaican Duo again in the charts,

reaching No.27 with ‘Murder She Wrote’.

And in 96 their ‘Every Kinda People’,

was another song getting our vote.


In 67, at Number 5 were The Box Tops,

with their delivery of – ‘The Letter’,

and in 70, in the Top 40 with this song,

Joe Cocker’s rendition – a gritty pace setter.


At No.6 in 02 with, ‘A Mind Of It’s Own’

Victoria Beckham’s third solo hit,  let us know,

just what she was capable of,

when singing ‘live’ on a top TV show.


In 78, Rita Coolidge sang ‘Words’,

ten years after The Bee Gees gave us this hit,

And also in 68 – a second Number One,

‘I Just Gotta Get A Message To You’,  their remit.


‘Paperback Writer’, a hit for The Beatles

in 66,  with their tenth Number One,

and back again in the charts of 76,

this favourite song, once more shone.


In 77, again came Roger Daltrey,

giving us ‘Written In The Wind’

and with his version of ‘Elusive Butterfly’,

in 66, at No.5 was Bob Lind.


In at No.16 in 97 were The Charlatans,

‘Tellin Stories’ in their special way.

Also in 97 – ‘Still Waters (Run Deep),

gave the Bee Gees another chart stay.


In 79 with ‘Turn Up The Music’,

at No.8 were The Players Association.

And in 06 with ‘Land Of A Thousand Words,

came another Scissor Sisters creation.


To some, words don’t come easy.

For others, the rhythm just flows,

But many writers unable to annunciate,

so no Performance or Hand-Waving Shows.


To some, words are second nature,

whilst others – by research are led.

But one thing of which I’m quite certain;

many writers are quite off their head !





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