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February 14, 2018



Free, with their ‘Wishing Well’,

in 73, gained a Top 10 score.

and in 87, Terence Trent D’arby

took another ‘Wishing Well’ to No.4.


And at No.10 in the Charts,

in the year of 82,

were ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’ with –

‘Wishing  (if I had a photograph of you’.


In 84, China Crisis  took

‘Wishful Thinking’ to No. 9,

20 years after The Mersey Beats in 64

with ‘Wishing & Hopin’,  were doing fine.


Roxette took ‘Wish I Could Fly’

as high as No.11 in 99,

and ‘Wishing On A Star’ by Rose Royce

at No.3 in 78,  also a favourite – divine!


In 76  ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder –

a US No.1 hit, for which we are blest.

and ‘The King Of Wishful Thinking” –

a Top 20 in 90, for Go West.


In 63, Buddy Holly

with ‘Wishing’,  reached No.1o,

and in 93, Soul ll Soul,

had a Top 30 with ‘Wish’.    Amen



Whatever is on our ‘wish list’

to help us get through the day,

we also must live for the moment

and not wish our life away.


Whatever our hopes and aspirations –

let solace, through music be found,

by enjoying life on a daily basis,

listening to our favourite sound.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury



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