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December 8, 2017



In 81, ‘The River’ by Bruce Springsteen –

was his 2nd UK Hit – How he shone!

Twenty years after ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’  –

a Top 20 for Don Gibson in 61.


A Gold Selling No.1 for this Dutch group –

‘Mississippi’ by Pussycat came in 76,

and making  No.3 in 59  for Marty Wilde –

‘Sea Of Love’ also in this mix.


‘The River Of Dreams’ took Billy Joel

up to No.3 in 93.

‘My Life’ and Gold Selling ‘Uptown Girl’

two more of his hits loved by you and me.


‘Ocean Drive’ by The Lighthouse Family,

in 95 came into view,

and ‘Cry Me A River’ by Justin Timberlake,

in 2003 made No.2


Everyone’s favourite, ‘Moon River’,

in 61 saw Danny Williams on the Top Spot.

and ‘I Believe In Christmas’ by Greg Lake,

in 75,  claimed the No.2 slot.


2001 found The Manic Street Preachers

at No.15 with ‘Ocean Spray’,

and in 62  ‘Island Of Dreams’ by The Springfields –

so nostalgic in every way.


Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton,

blessed us with ‘Islands In The Stream’,

and Justin Timberlake’s  ‘Cry Me A River’

from 2003 completes this theme.


Let’s hold hands across the ocean,

as another year passes us by.

And hope waters of tranquility

will replace all the hue and cry.


Let’s come together as one,

and give peace yet another try.

In this world full of hurt and sorrow’

our last hope – love – we can’t deny.






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