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November 9, 2016



His journey amazing.

His recovery sound.

Finding hope and inspiration

by covering new ground,


through Creative Support,

and it’s human embrace,

helping him, like many others,

a new day to face.


And the gift he possesses,

in giving back,

encouragement and trust,

to those who now lack,


the confidence to continue,

on life’s uneven highway.

His interviews, heartfelt,

always saving the day.


His build up to Wednesdays.

‘Lunch Box’ breakfasts, a must.

Followed by tea or coffee –

either will do, he’s not fussed.


The success of his programme-

Tony’s Time Machine.

Supported by Vikki-

these two setting the scene.


Teamwork so essential,

week in and week out,

Onion Barji’s their reward,

and Samosa’s too, they shout.


The knack that he has

in seeming so cool,

when his legs in agony,

hide under his stool.


His ease when reporting –

so natural – the call.

With Steve Howe an example,

interviewed at Band on the wall.


His devotion to ‘Yes’,

so loyal and true.-

A Group in a million

that saw him through,


when comfort was needed,

their music getting his vote,

when life as he’d known it,

seemed so remote.


His memory so sharp;

his vast knowledge of travel,

another string to his bow,

as past years unravel.


The trap of Trapani

calling him back.

The pull of Polermo,

as the train on the track,


confirming his feelings,

like decades before,

that Italy is,

a place to adore.


And then the time Man United

helped save the day,

when playing Benfica

in a Cup Match, one May.


As he innocently took photos

of a Yugoslavian Military base,

Tony was promptly arrested

and cell bars had to face.


Whilst he waited for an Interpreter,

the guards had Footy on TV,

and decided, in the end,

that no terrorist, was he.


So many more tales

of his travels he can recall,

when on holiday with his Dad –

those were the best days of all.


And the love of his family

and re-united school friends.

And pals, new and old,

with whom he easily blends.


The bi-weekly coffees,

down in Bury with Denise,

mean so very much

as a pressure release.


His new beloved Juke Box

putting a smile on his face,

as Marjorie in astonishment says,

‘Standing room only – in this place!


The most forgiving of sisters

it has to be said.

Do you remember the time,

you put a SPIDER in her bed!


And now as this poem slows –

it is the end of the line.

Happy Birthday to you Tony –

from now on, you’ll be, just fine.




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