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October 21, 2017



In 65, ‘I Can’t Explain’- a hit

for these UK,  R & B men,

and ‘Anyway Anyhow Anywhere’

gave The Who their second Top Ten.


Their last hit of 65 – ‘My Generation’,

reached as high as No.2.

In 66, five more hits arrived

with ‘Substitute’ & ‘A Legal Matter’ in view.


‘I’m A Boy’ & ‘The Kids Are Alright’ followed,

with ‘Happy Jack’ filling the dance floor.

‘Pictures Of Lily’, their first hit of 67 –

and ‘The Last Time’/ ‘Under My Thumb’, in at 44.


‘I Can See For Miles’, came next –

making the Top Ten line.

Then in 68 came ‘Dogs’ & ‘Magic Bus’,

and at No.4, ‘Pinball Wizard’, in 69.


Their 2 Hits of 70 included –

‘The Seeker’ and ‘Summertime Blues’,

and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ & ‘Let’s See Action’ –

2 Top Twenty hits of 71, over which, fans enthused.


‘Join Together’ their next offering-

reaching No.9 in 72.

and in 73 ‘Relay’ & ‘5.15’,

saw more hits adding to the queue.


In 76 came ‘Squeeze Box’ & ‘Substitute’

with ‘Who Are You’ in 78, reaching No.18.

Then ‘Long Live Rock’ in 79,  before,

‘You Better You Bet’ & ‘Don’t Let Go The Coat’, seen.


‘Athena’, their Top 40 of 82,

 was followed by ‘Ready Steady Who (EP)’, in 83,

and ‘My Generation’, back again in 88 and 96 –

completes this hit list from A to Zee.


Well known for their Rock Opera – ‘Tommy’,

this Legendary Mod group, loved so true.

Sadly, losing Keith Moon back in September 78,

and John Entwistle in June 2002.


Thank You for the ground-breaking music  –

You changed so many lives.


Written by Harriet Blackbury



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