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March 25, 2019



In 65, ‘Love Her’ on Philips

gave this US male Trio a UK Top 20.

Followed by ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’,

which saw them claiming their first No.1 entry.


Ending 65, ‘My Ship Is Coming In’,

still on Philips, made a No.3 score.

And in 66, their next UK No.1, was to be –

 ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’.


Also in 66 came, ‘(Baby) You Don’t Have To Tell Me’,

a No.13 hit, which had fans screaming in the stalls.

And in 66, again on Philips,

at No.12, was ‘Another Tear Falls’.


Ending 66, was ‘Deadlier Than The Male’,

on Philips, reaching a No.32 slot.

And in 67, ‘Stay With Me Baby’,

peaked at No.26, and was loved a lot.


Still in 67, ‘Walking In The Rain’,

again on Philips, also peaked at No.26.

And in 76, ‘No Regrets’, this time on GTO,

reached No.7 – ending this Walker Brothers mix.


Their SOLO Hits.


In 66, ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Twinkie Lee’, on CBS,

gave Gary Walker UK hits – both settling in a No.26 place.

And in 67, John Walker, on Philips, also had a solo hit –

with ‘Annabella’ claiming No.24 in the chart race.


In December 67, Scott Walker, on Philips,

thrilled fans with ‘Jackie’, which peaked at No.22.

And in 68, ‘Joanna’ followed, making it to No.7.

And in 69, ‘Lights Of Cincinnati’ was at No.13 – RIP & Thank You.


RIP  Scott Walker.   1943 – 2019


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.



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