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April 19, 2018



Released on Stateside in 65,

‘My Girl’ was The Temptations first UK hit.

Then, ‘Its Growing’ on Tamla Motown,

saw new fans eyes, brightly lit.


In 66, three more hits followed –

‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’  reaching 21,

and with ‘Beauty Is Only Skin Deep’, and

‘(I know) I’m Losing You’ – they had the Top 20 won.


Still on the Tamla Motown label was their next hit in 67 –

with ‘You’re My Everything’ –  in the charts at No. 26,

The Temptations were now established,

giving loyal fans their fix.


68,  saw two songs reach the mid 40s –

‘I Wish It Would Rain’  – being the first of these,

followed by ‘I Could Never Love Another’ –

this group just continued to please.


In 69, ‘I’m Gonna Make You Love Me’ – 

their highest hit to date at No.3,

when Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations

touched our hearts so powerfully.


Once more on their own, then followed –

‘Get Ready’ and then ‘Cloud Nine’

Both these hits were dance-floor pleasers

and life seemed so divine.


Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations

joined forces once more with devotion,

ending the decade with another hit –

when at No.18 came ‘I Second That Emotion’.


Still on Tamla Motown, their first hit of 70 –

at No.13, was ‘I Can’t Get Next To You’.

and Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations

gave us – ‘Why ( Must We Fall In Love)’, too.


Then two more hits came in 70,

the next being ‘Psychedelic Shack’,

and finally ‘Ball Of Confusion’,

at No.7 – a punch did pack. 


‘Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)’ –

their only hit, (making No.8) in 71.

and with 2 more singles in 72,

this hit machine had us all won.


 ‘Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)’

peaked at No.32,

and ‘Take A Look Around’, at No.13,

in the Top 20 view.


‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’,

came along next in 73,

peaking in the charts at No.14.

and a particular favourite, proved to be.


Also in 73, at No. 41,

was ‘Law Of The Land’,

and in 82, ”Standing On The Top (Part 1)’,

featuring Rick James, on Motown, made a stand.


‘Treat Her Like A Lady’

peaked at No.12 in 84.

and in 87, ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Remix)’ – 

just as great as before.


In 88, ‘Look What You Started’

was the next one in line,

and ‘All I Want From You’ –

then followed on in 89.


At No.2 on Epic

came ‘My Girl’ in 92.

also in this year  ‘The Jones’,

on Motown, the last in this queue.


Eddie Kendricks had 2 solo hits –

‘Keep On Truckin’,  a US No.1, in 73.

This song also making the UK Top 20,

and a winner, sure proved to be.


His next single came in 74,

‘Boogie Down’ – a Top 40 hit in the UK

He sadly died, aged 52, in 92,

though his music, in our hearts will stay.


In 76, David Ruffin had a solo hit –

‘Walk Away From Love’, making No.10

He sadly died, aged 50, in 91.

Thank You for the music – Amen.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury



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